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Rapid development of electronic components, demand for connectors can be expected

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In 2016, China Kunshan International Electronic Components, Materials and Production Equipment Exhibition was held today at the Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center. The products cover electronic components, connectors, connectors and electronic raw materials. The exhibition will be dedicated to building a professional exchange platform for the domestic and international electronic markets, and further promote the rapid development of China's electronic components industry. Among them, the connector as an indispensable basic electronic component in electronic equipment will also usher in rapid development opportunities. The agency expects that by 2017, the global connector market is expected to reach US$61.8 billion.
A connector is a functional component that turns a circuit or optical channel on, off, or switching by means of electrical signals, optical signals, and mechanical forces. It is used as an electrical signal or optical signal connection between devices, components, devices, and systems. It ensures fast, stable, low-loss, high-fidelity transmission of electrical signals to ensure the normal function of the device. At present, connectors have been widely used in aerospace, computer, transportation, automotive, industrial, household appliances and other fields.
In recent years, benefiting from the continuous development of downstream industries such as automobiles and consumer electronics products, the global connector market demand has grown rapidly, and the market scale has accelerated. The data shows that the global connector market reached $56.2 billion last year.
As the world's largest connector production base, China's overall manufacturing level is rapidly increasing, and the market scale is expanding year by year. In recent years, China's connector industry's compound annual growth rate reached 13.6%, much higher than the global growth rate of 8% in the same period. Data show that China's connector market reached US$14.5 billion last year, and its share increased to 26.13%. At present, China's connectors are mainly in the low-end market, and the high-end connector market share is low, but the market demand is growing faster. With the increasing demand for high-end connectors in the downstream industry and the higher requirements of manufacturers for accessory quality, R&D strength and price level, many domestic companies have begun research and development of high-end connector products. The domestic connector product structure will be gradually upgraded, and the industry concentration is expected to increase rapidly.
From the perspective of the industrial chain, the upstream of the connector industry is manufactured for various metal materials, plastic materials and materials; the industries with the largest downstream demand are mainly automobiles, data communications, computer peripheral products and industries, accounting for 22% and 21% respectively. 16.5% and 12%. In terms of growth rate, it is followed by the automobile, data communication and transportation industries, with growth rates of 8%, 7% and 5.3% respectively.
From the perspective of automotive connector applications, automotive connectors and wiring harnesses are important components for connecting various electrical and electronic devices of automobiles, and are carriers for controlling electrical signals of automobiles, and are also called central nervous systems of automobiles. There are hundreds of types of connectors that are required for a typical car lock. According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales volume of passenger cars in China last year was 21.0794 million and 211.4363 million, respectively, up 5.8% and 7.3% over the previous year. This year, passenger car sales in China will continue to grow at a high level. From January to July, China's passenger cars sold a total of 12.664 million vehicles, an increase of 11.13%. With the growing sales of passenger cars and the increasing popularity of automotive electronics applications, the number of automotive high-end connector applications will grow rapidly. Companies with high-end connector R&D and production capabilities are expected to benefit first.


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